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October 25th, 2010 | Posted by mvi in Team 6

Just a brief update, on the middleware we’ve been looking into. In terms of game engine, we’re leveraging Haff’s Game Engine, but the DirectX 9 unofficial port of the latest release. Accessing DX9 means that we can write pretty Pixel Shader 3 effects rather than writing ASM. Today I’ve been integrating the Box2D physics engine into HGE, hooking up the HGE sprites to Box2D objects with a lot of success. In terms of audio, we’ll probably still with the built in HGE system, but if we find that limiting we’ll probably move to FMOD. Likewise, with the GUI content we may choose to leverage a dedicated library for that in the form of libRocket. It’s not yet immediately apparent how some things will be structured, so if we find a need for scripting, integrating Python or Lua would seem pretty logical.

In terms of level editors, we’ve been looking through a few, the important thing is to be able to create the levels and puzzles easily. Previously we were considering tile based solutions, but with the type of physics we wish to employ, tilesets don’t really make much sense (beyond optimisation.) So currently we’re looking at merging Gleed2D with the Musicala Box2D editor, as one idea. Design wise we’re making steady progress and we’re starting to see the first artwork come through. It’s a scary thought to think in 7 months it’ll all be over (along with my degree)!

  • Game Engine (encompassing generalised Graphics, 2d Particles, Input and Audio): Haff’s Game Engine
  • Physics: Box2D
  • Level Editor: Gleed2D with Musicala Box2D Editor
  • Possible audio choice: FMOD
  • Possible GUI choice: libRocket
  • Possible scripting choice: Lua or Python

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